Be Responsive, Be Everywhere.

We deliver stunning experiences (mobile apps, websites) that resonate with your customers on their device (even if they have a few of them.) Our close knit team of agile developers and designers love to build game changing solutions. We specialize in big data and device agnostic UX, but we're also well rounded, and routinely build custom web apps.
We have built a number of products, including: Conference Line Serivce which provides affordable teleconferencing to support businesses worldwide.

imagine having top-notch designers,
highly skilled developers, guided by
savvy leaders who share your vision
create apps, experiences,
solutions that exceed expectations
enjoy knowing that we're covering all the basis.
A life with less worry is a life enjoyed!

How do you give the best mobile experience while not compromising the desktop experience?

Responsive design, combined with progressive enhancement. It's no longer necessary to create a mobile analog of everything in your web app. Using sencha touch, media queries, css3 and html5, you can serve a flexible experience that looks great on a desktop, smartphone, smart tv, or tablet.

What's the difference between responsive and adaptive design?

Responsive design is writing code that adapts itself depending on the device, to render in the most presentable format possible. Adaptive design includes backend changes that can serve different code depending on the device, but also contextual information like the users location, how they found you, etc.

Can I convert my current app to be tablet friendly?

Yes. We're Sencha Touch specialists, and we've adapted frontend user interfaces of various legacy systems, including Classic ASP, Spring, Django, Drupal, ROR and NodeJS based platforms.

Are there ways to leverage our existing code in the iphone app we're planning?

Yes! With the right tools and some crafting, you can create a compelling mobile friendly user experience with slick buttons, swipe animations, gesture support and more, leveraging your existing codebase.

Are you on the second screen?

Mobile apps, SmartTVs, traditional programming. You need to be at the intersection. We develop native IOS, native Android, and cross-platform sencha touch applications to deliver top-notch experiences to the first screen, second screen, and beyond.

ubiquitous innovation building mobile apps (and ios apps) in atlanta using lean process, with solid delivery