CREATE Website + Visualization

CREATE Website + Visualization
An interactive experience that conveys the essence of a university program with a combination of crisp, clean design and data visualization techniques


The Problem: students were feeling lost. They were unable to navigate, much less utilize the universities vast offering of programs catering to entrepreneurial interests.

The school needed a way to connect these under-utilized resources with the students looking for them. We met with faculty from various departments to understand the nuances of the problem. We then formulated an information design strategy for representing these interrelated programs in a coherent way. Our approach was to create an attractive, unimposing design that students would find fresh and accessible. In delivering this solution, we created a custom data visualization (d3.js) to summarize complex program interconnections in a way that was relevant to students.


Georgia Tech


January 22, 2015

What we made

Discovery, Information Design, Development


Design, d3js, data-vis