Spin for Android

Spin is a powerful way to connect with others to communicate, collaborate and engage through a video channel with features which allow you to express yourself in ways you never imagined you could.


It isn’t uncommon that a product is launched first on iOS. There is often a good business case for this. But before long, a successful product has android users knocking on the door saying “what about us?”  In such a case we’ll work collaboratively with the product team to consider platform differences and if necessary, bring in designers to customize user interface elements.  The myriad device types, with vastly different capabilities,  often means that some compromises must be made on the Android side to support a wide variety of devices. This is our bread and butter work, and we know quite a few tricks that can make a limited device get the job done.


Net Power & Light


January , 2015

What we made

Android Video Chat Application


Android Development, Low level audio/video Processing