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Branded Bridge Line (BBL) is conference calling reinvented. BBL offer customers complete customization of the conference call experience, and through our partnership, we’ve made all of these customizations accessible to BBL’s users with great ease.  Our experience with cloud telephony providers like Twilio, Plivo and VoxBone allowed us to bring technological diversity to the BBL stack, mitigating “single point of failure” risk.  


Ubiquitous Innovation’s partnership with BrandedBridgeLine goes back to 2013, when we because the technology arm of the BBL product. We’ve developed three major revisions, most recently doing a complete UI and Frontend architecture overhaul.  The frontend is primarily powered by AngularJS, while the backend is running on Django. Ubiquitous Innovation has implemented every aspect of the technology stack running the BrandedBridgeLine service.


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