Airplay Verification Platform

Airplay Verification Platform
Verifying airplay is an absolute necessity for advertisers. We created a platform to do it swiftly for our client.


Verifying that advertisements air on Broadcast TV and Cable can be a tedious effort. Over 130 TV commercials air every minute. Even with the most reliable data sources such as Nielsen and Teletrax. We created a web app with highly specialized business logic for reconciling and verifying that advertisements aired when they were scheduled to air.

Creating an intuitive user interface, designed for efficiently handling thousands of verifications a day, and using a full-featured, modern framework (Django), we were able to take a task that took hours to perform and reduced it to seconds. The highly proprietary business logic was modularized for easy maintenance. Our advanced web-based editing functionality provided a unique solution for something so specialized and custom, it pushed the envelop of what a browser can support.


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Django, Python, API, Fuzzy Logic