More about Web Development

Using our extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS and cutting-edge web development frameworks, we work efficiently to craft solutions that work well on a multitude of screen sizes and aspect ratios.  From simple storefronts to complex internal toolsets, we have a seasoned team of developers able to customize your application to your needs.

We use a variety of frontend frameworks with HTML5 such as Angular, Backbone.js, Ember.js, Knockout and meteor.js to deliver rich user interfaces that respond immediately to user interactions.  The days of having to wait for a “new” page to load each time you interact with a site are long gone. If you make a user wait for more than a second, you are seriously risking losing their attention.

For the backend side of things, we use Python based frameworks such as Flask and Django for the most part, as well as an increasing number of Node.js solutions.

We tie it all together with REST APIs for extensibility and portability. Our web development capabilities can deliver web applications that take advantage of all of the modern web capabilities seen today.